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Charles Street -Art Plaza

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: Public Garden, Streetscape, Sustainable Design, Public Participation, Art Work on Street
Status: On the Ground

An Art Plaza was recommended to be located on the widened sidewalk space between 33rd Street and 34th Street. A series of four color “optical rings”, inspired by the colorful porches in Charles Village, are proposed by the Artist. Each is located in a “Garden Room”. Each garden room has its theme color. Pink was chosen to showcase the spring room with pink blossoms bloom in spring. Green was for the summer room showing different foliage texture. Orange/Yellow was chosen to showcase the autumn room with red/orange/yellow foliage. Evergreen plants, red twigs and red berries would showcase the winter room in winter. A spine of rain water channel would connect a series of rain gardens, an artistic expression of rain water management.

Planting Plan-Featuring Spring RoomPlanting Plan-Featuring Summer RoomPlanting-Featuring AutumnPlanting-Featuring Winter Room