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Seton Hill Neighborhood Improvements

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: Park, Urban Design, Concept Plan, Streetscape
Status: Concept completed

As a result of the proposed street closing, extension, and reconfiguration, the residual street spaces become available for the creation of pedestrian amenity spaces connected by a series of bump-outs and decorative crosswalks.The concept plan recommendations include:1) a widened sidewalk with allee of street trees, planters and seating as an visual extension of the St. Mary’s Park, 2) a neighborhood gathering space between buildings with benches, seating, stage, tables and chairs, and landscaping, and 3) applying green design strategies where possible: water harvesting in the traffic circle, permeable paving for pedestrian space, water quality planting beds, etc.

Existing Conditions Aerial MapConcept PlanBird's Eye View View to New Alley ParkView to New StagePaca Street Pocket Park