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Dundalk Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: Streetscape, Transportation, Urban Design, Planning, Public Participation, Sign, Art Work on Street
Status: On the Board

The recommended streetscape design features for this gateway included: street trees along sidewalk and in medians, parking lot screening with metal fencing and low shrubs, decorative paving and ornamental lighting on sidewalk, site furniture at bus stops, and imprinted concrete crosswalks at major intersections. Several amenity open spaces were also proposed to provide additional streetscape enhancements: a “transit plaza” at Eastern Ave/Dundalk Ave intersection, a sitting area in front of the “Grill” (a small eating place), an improved plaza in front of the former Brick Layers Association Building, and a sitting area in front of “Family Dollar”. PELA also worked with an artist to propose art work installed on street.

Plaza at Dundalk Avenue and Eastern AvenueNew Community SignBushey Street Shopping CenterMedian EnhancementsVest Pocket Park