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Key Highway and Light Street Roundabout

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: Streetscape, Urban Design, Concept Plan, Transportation
Status: Concept completed

Light Street and Key Highway intersection has long been perceived as a confusing and pedestrian un-friendly traffic node. Although it is considered a major gateway, it does not present a positive and recognizable image. The goal of this project was to transform this confusing, unsafe, and imageless traffic node into a safe, visually appealing, identifiable and pedestrian friendly intersection. The main concept was to introduce a traffic circle, which provided the most dramatic visual and spatial quality transformation, most efficient traffic flow, most pedestrian friendly, and most recognizable image for the intersection. The planted traffic circle could also serve as a bio-retention/rain garden for water quality management purpose.

Existing Conditions Aerial MapBird's Eye View Looking EastLooking North Looking South