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Finksburg Gateway Design Guidelines

Location: Carroll County
Type: Design Guidelines
Status: Completed

Emerging as a highly desirable bedroom community and experiencing ever increasing growth pressure, Carroll County recognizes that it is no longer a county with small towns embedded in agricultural fields and a different approach in guiding its future development is crucial. In order to meet the challenge of growth and its potentially adverse impacts, PELA was commissioned by the County to develop a set of design guidelines for the Finksburg Gateway Corridor. These guidelines would provide guidance in site design, building bulk and height, streetscape design, lighting, stormwater management, landscape design for new, re- and infill development of all uses.

Preferred Higher Density Development Typical Low Density DevelopmentProposed Streetscape Treatments along Finksburg GatewayTypical Low Density DevelopmentPreferred Higher Density Development with Streetscape EnhancementsTypical Existing Commercial DevelopmentPreferred Commercial Development PlanCommercial Development with Share Entrance