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Coppin State University Science and Technology Center

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: College/University, Institution, Sustainable Design, Stakeholders Participation, Green Roof, Public Gardens, Science Center, LEED Certification, Streetscape
Status: On the Board

The main landscape goals for this project were to ensure that the proposed amenity space be part of the campus open space system, to relate the outdoor space with the building, to provide pedestrian linkage to other parts of the campus, to enhance pedestrian friendliness, to provide landscape treatments that are cost-effective to maintain, as well as to ensure the universal accessibility. The proposed design features included: 1) general site landscaping, 2) streetscape design for North Avenue, 3) the Quad Steps and Garden, 4) the Quad, 5) green roof, 6) east terrace gardens, 7) tree-lined path, 8) south and west gardens, and 9) Coppin Garden - a urban farm.

Concept Design Considerations-The Quad, Quad Steps and Garden, East Gardens and PlantsDesign Considerations - Streetscape, Street Trees, Site Walls, and Urban FarmTree-lined South Sidewalk of  North AvenueWest Garden near the QuadEast Gardens - Wood Deck and Permeable Paving