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Camden Crossing Housing Development

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: Residential Landscape Design, Parks, Streetscape, Sign
Status: Construction 90% Complete

Camden Crossing is a new 150 units townhouse development located in the west of Oriole Ball Park at Camden Yard, Baltimore City, MD. PELA’s responsibility was to prepare landscape plans for public streets, home owner association’s amenity open spaces, and all housing units. There are tree-lined streets, a central park, three other passive parks, each has its own unique features, special gateway features with landscaping for each entrance, brick pedestrian crosswalk, community signs, etc. In addition, each housing unit receives substantial landscape treatments, with foundation planting in the front yard, privacy fence, deck, foundation planting in the rear, and border planting along the concrete alley.

Illustrative Site Landscape PlanThe Central Park of Camden CrossingThe Trellis in Central ParkThe Main EntranceTemporary Traffic BarrierThe Front YardsThe Back Yards