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Sustainable Stormwater Management Facilities

Location: State of Maryland
Type: Stormwater Management Facility, Sustainable Design
Status: On the Board, On the Ground

For the last 18 years, PELA has been involved in the sustainable landscape design for a variety of stormwater management (SWM) facilities. These SWM facilities are located along highways, transit lines and urban streets, in highway interchanges, at transit stations, in housing developments, at college campuses, and in parks. Our goals have been to improve/enhance both the visual and environmental quality of the SWM facility and ensure the sustainability. Most recently, PELA provided landscape design of the SWM facilities in accordance with the Environmental Site Design (ESD) guidelines of the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE).

North Avenue Water Quality Bumpout, Baltimore City, MDSubmerged Gravel Wetland at Cottages at Berlin, Town of Berlin, MDMicro-Bioretention Area at West Plaza, Purple Line Manchester Station, Montgomery County, MDRaind Garden at North Quad, Anne Arundel Community College, Arnold, MDPlanter Box along University Boulevard, Pine Branch, Purple Line, Montgomery County, MDPlanter Box along Veterans Parkway, Purple Line, Prince George's County, MDSpillway between two ponds, Swell's Orchard Park, Columbia, MarylandRecreational Use of Pond, Swell's Orchard Park, Columbia, MDStormwater Management Pond at Rte 100, Prince George's County, MDStormwater Management Pond at MD 5/Schulze RD Intersection, Prince George's County, MD