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Booker T. Homes Neighborhood Park

Location: Prince George"s County, MD
Type: Park, Recreation Facility, Sustainable Design, Trail
Status: On the Ground

The main goals to achieve were: to improve the usability of the park, to create a park for users of all ages, to improve the accessibility to the park, to provide low impact stormwater management facility, and to make best use of the existing topography. The recommended features include 1) a new 14 space parking lot at the park entrance, 2) a walking trail that connects all recreational features, 3) a refurbished basketball court with new hoops, 4) four fitness stations for the mature adult, 5) three pavilions with tables and chairs and game tables, 6) two horseshoe courts, 7) benches along the trail, 8) new low maintenance planting, and 9) landscape filtration areas for stormwater quality management,

Illustrative Site Plan