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Sewell"s Orchard Community Park

Location: Columbia, MD
Type: Recreation Facility, Park, Trail, Stormater Management Facility, Sustainable Design, Wetland Creation, Sign
Status: Construction Completed

The main goals of this project were: to improve water quality of ponds, to provide environmentally conscious and sustainable design, to provide park amenities for the citizen, and to provide hiker/biker trail system to increase the connectivity to various parts of the neighborhood. Design recommendations included SWM pond renovation, wetland creation, vegetative buffer preservation along ponds’ shore for water quality control, ADA compliant, entrance plaza and trails, aesthetic treatment of concrete spillways with stone boulders, and creek flats, fishing piers, observation deck, overlook deck, pedestrian bridge, wildflower meadows, native landscaping, habitat enhancement for fish and wildlife, children’s play ground, park identification sign etc. .

Park SignA View to the PondAesthetic Treatment of the Concrete SpillwayFishing PierA View to the Overlook Deck