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Charles Street Reconstruction and Streetscape - from 25th Street to University Parkway

Location: Baltimore City, MD
Type: Streetscape, Transportation, Urban Design, Public Participation
Status: On the Ground

This section of Charles Street is a gateway to Johns Hopkins University.After extensive collaboration with the Baltimore City Dept. of Transportation, community task forces, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore Museum of Arts, and other stakeholders, the project design was finally completed and construction began in September 2012. The landscape design features included median planting, intersection enhancements, street tree planting along sidewalk, an Art Plaza, other accent planting displaying seasonal interests. The Art Plaza is an an artistic expression of stormwater management that also create a special place along the street.

Proposed JHU Entrance Plaza at 33rd Street Proposed Improvement Plan at Charles Street and Art Museum DriveProposed Improvements at Charles Street and Art Museum DriveArt Plaza 3D ModelTypical Intersection Enhancement PlanArt Plaza Landscape Plan